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In May 1997, Geo Cities introduced advertisements on its pages.Despite negative reaction from users, Geo Cities continued to grow.The implementation of the watermark preceded the widespread adoption of CSS and standardized DOM and had cross-browser issues.However, Geo Cities said in a press release that feedback regarding the watermark had been overwhelmingly positive.The neighborhoods included "Colosseum," "Hollywood," "Rodeo Drive," "Sunset Strip," "Wall Street," and "West Hollywood".In mid-1995, the company decided to offer users (thereafter known as "Homesteaders") the ability to develop free home pages within those neighborhoods.Geo Cities never enforced neighborhood specific content; for example, a "Hollywood" homesteader could be nothing but a college student's home page, which would be more appropriate for another neighborhood.The company decided to focus on building membership and community, and on December 15, 1995, BHI became known as Geo Cities after having also been called Geopages. , invested extensively in Geo Cities and, with the introduction of paid premium services, the site continued to grow.

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The company created its own Web directory, organized thematically in six "neighborhoods".

Com Score stated that the Geo Cities had 18.9 million unique visitors from the U. A copy of the complaint and order can be found at 127 F. These acts and practices affected "commerce" as defined in Section 4 of the Federal Trade Commission.

The problem Geo Cities faced was that it placed a privacy statement on its New Member Application Form and on its Web site promising that it would never give personally identifying information to anyone without the user's permission.

During the sign-up process, new members chose to which neighborhood they wanted to belong.

This neighborhood became part of the member's Web address along with a sequentially assigned "street address" number to make the URL unique (for example, " Drive/number").

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