Tomtom one updating

An activity tracker that measures steps is really no use if your aim is to improve athletic performance.

Tom Tom has a good reputation with runners and cyclists, and I have previously enjoyed using both Tom Tom's Multi-Sport Cardio and the Microsoft Band 2 to accurately measure performance during and after exercise.

The Tom Tom Spark offers little for the fashionable among you.

It's a bit on the chunky side, and its squared-off design with reasonably large bezels around the display could definitely be better looking. It's water-resistant and the plastic strap was hard wearing in our tests, so you'll be able to wear it all day every day, even when you're on a particularly muddy bike ride or heading out for a swim.

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It's not touchscreen, though – to navigate you use the physical controller button beneath the screen, situated on the strap.

This is a movable feast, and depends on the weather and atmospheric conditions.

But in my testing, I got a GPS lock within a few seconds of stepping out of the door and hitting run or cycle.

Knowing how fast and far you are traveling as it is happening is critical if you are looking to improve.

So I was looking forward to testing the Spark 3 Cardio Music.

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