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She had the great passion in dancing and singing from the early age.

Acknowledging her high passion and skills, her parents sent her to dance classes, where she learnt traditional, jazz and modern dances.

She had struggled for the long time to end the opposition of almost African American woman to quit the show business.Her success with that movie praised her to march forward in the entertaining sector.So, she came out with the marvelous performance in the Hollywood hits including 1989 movie ‘Easy Wheels’ and ‘Heart Condition’ in 1990.Giving the continuation to her career, she had portrayed in other films such as ‘King of New York’ (1990), ‘Malcolm X’ (1992) and ‘Jungle Fever’ (1991).Moreover, as of her rising stardom, her lead role in the 1996 film ‘Girl 6’ has been highlighted.

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