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And don’t get me wrong — I am as much a sucker for the newest “anti-aging miracle cream” as the next guy.

Just because I don’t wear much makeup doesn’t mean I don’t believe in good skin.

I scrolled down and noticed that he’d confirmed to her that I was “verrrrrrrry funny. But as I kept reading, there it was.“She is ugly as fuck tho. And that was the chaser for a descriptive clause that pegged me not just smart but funny, which had to mean looking at my face for the course of our 30 minute conversation was as painful as say, getting a colonoscopy without the preliminary anesthesia.

It occurred to me last month when I was laying in bed beside my mother in a hotel room in Milan, trolling my own comment feed and half lamenting, half giggling about the abundance of distraught comments over the state of my face that maybe I wear makeup.

The list is just too long Probably most working actors[quote]Stephen Moyer Straight.

Was very well known the UK acting circles for his sleep with anyone female and breathing attitude.

It's not even necessarily bearding in their case, it's just for PR. Ex-wife of Tommy Lee and broke up with him again after taking him back; maybe she is learning, after all. Videotaped sex with her husband; tape was then stolen from them and widely sold. Holding on to reality with only a couple of fingers.

And do you think they actually watch any of those kids? Hollywood and the media needs to have regular tabloid fixtures. Continues to be surprised that no one takes her seriously; lied, stupidly, about Tommy Lee giving her Hepatitis C when the truth, that it was Kid Rock who gave it to her, was so easily discovered. Linked with Justine Bateman, Lara Flynn Boyle, Marlee Matlin, Sela Ward, and Katarina Witt. Formerly married to John Derek, which means she's suffered enough. Has become a big pothead through of her relationship with Brad Pitt. Linked with Adam Duritz, Tate Donovan, Paul Rudd, and Brad Pitt. Linked with Johnny Carson, Eddie Fisher, Steve Mc Queen, and Elvis Presley.

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