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But also sometimes, just sometimes, the paths cross, causing an explosive reaction. A crush that I’ve had since I first laid eyes on him. However, life threw a cruel twist into Colt and Lauren’s planned happily ever after. Then she finds out her high school boyfriend's death wasn't an accident—it was suicide. Even if it means losing the one guy who might just be perfect for her in the process... But she’s not going to talk about it or share her feelings, so don’t bother asking.

He’d pictured himself stepping back into her life, but hadn’t counted on her despair over his business or that she’d be pregnant.

But as feelings unexpectedly evolve beyond friendship, Van's life reaches a whole new level of confusing. A Revealing and Intimate Story of What a Mother Will—and Will Not—Do for Her Daughters What kind of women do daughters become when their fathers are missing and their mothers can’t love them? Nearly three decades of secrets lie between Lola Ashby and the two girls she reluctantly raised.

And she'll have to choose between the one thing she's always loved..the person she never imagined she could. Now, prompted by the one father figure she respects, older daughter Frankie agrees to drive from Portland to visit her ailing mother, who abandoned the girls when they were in high school.

And Callie’s exit from Pittsburgh is fraught with its own shady and violent difficulties.

Meanwhile, Lola strengthens her resolve to keep the past and its secrets where they belong.

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