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Legislation against gay marriage and same-sex unions was passed in early 2014, reinforcing existing laws on homosexuality.

The legislation, which imposes a maximum 14-year sentence, was condemned by human rights groups but was widely applauded in religiously conservative Nigeria, both Christian and Muslim.

– ‘Gay activities’ – Memories of that day in 2015 came flooding back to David when he heard that more than 80 people had been arrested at a Lagos hotel in early August.

The Lagos state government said those detained had been engaging in “gay activities” and “permitting male persons to have carnal knowledge of themselves against the order of nature”.

She was very embarrassed about what happened and it had a very negative effect on her.

'It is nice to see him get a taste of his own medicine.Cases involving the remainder appear to have been lost in the judicial system.Bisi Alimi, a Nigerian gay rights activist who came out on television in 2004 and now lives in London, said cases often disappear if someone has the means or connections.No-one has yet been convicted but activists say it encourages corruption and extortion. But if you’re gay and poor, you’ll end up rotting in jail for the rest of your life,” said David.– Yahoo Boys – If police abuse homosexuals, so too do the “Yahoo Boys” — the name for Nigerian internet fraudsters who have taken to posting fake profiles on gay dating and meet-up sites such as Grindr.

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