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However, politics in the rural South still largely reflected the reactionary racial outlook of the "Old South." Carter was the only white man in Plains to refuse to join a segregationist group called the White Citizens' Council, and shortly afterward he found a sign on the front door of his home that read: "Coons and Carters go together." It was not until the 1962 Supreme Court ruling in Baker v.

In 1966, after briefly considering a run for the United States House of Representatives, Carter instead decided to run for governor.

That same year he ran for the Georgia State Senate against a local businessman named Homer Moore.

Although the initial vote showed that Moore had won the election, it was blatantly obvious that his victory was the result of widespread fraud.

After subsequent postings to Groton, Connecticut; San Diego, California and Washington, D.

C., in 1952 Carter was assigned to work with Admiral Hyman Rickover developing a nuclear submarine program in Schenectady, New York.

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