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Another issue is that both tend to get absorbed by work, leaving very little time for each other.Type III Type IV Type III and Type IV typically dislike each other because they have very different approach to life and different priorities.Type I and Type II are naturally attracted to each other and end up together quite often.Type I loves openness and loyalty of Type II, while Type II finds Type I incredibly attractive and sexy.Type I Type IV These two could not be more different and still, they end up together quite often.Strangely enough, this seemingly unlikely union of impulsive and adventurous Type I and calm and cautious Type IV works just fine.

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On the negative side, however, both like to flirt and may flirt with other people.

The problems may arise due to the fact that Type I needs a lot of privacy and independence, while Type II requires connection and intimacy.

Type I Type III These two types are almost polar opposites of each other and rarely end up together.

Instead of confronting their partners and trying to resolve the problem they will keep ruminating or gossiping about their spouses behind their backs.

Type II Type III Opposites attract and these two are a good example.

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