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Though most Latin American countries have achieved universal or near universal primary education for all children, for Haiti primary education, the enrollment rate of boys was still somewhat higher than that of girls in 1987, but it is narrowing as the average growth enrollment has been significantly greater for girls than for boys.

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Reports from women’s rights groups in Haiti revealed that women were targeted for abuse in ways and for reasons that men were not.

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Brilliant colors, naïve perspective, and sly humor characterize Haitian art.

She was also a founding member of L'Alliance des Femmes Haitiennes, an umbrella organization for more than 50 women's groups.

Some women were appointed to government leadership positions under François Duvalier: Rosalie Adolphe (aka Madame Max Adolphe) was appointed head of the secret police (Volontaires de La Sécurité Nationale or VSN) while Lydia O.

Discrimination against women is a structural feature in Haitian society and culture that has subsisted throughout its history, both in times of peace and unrest." The Haitian government contains a Ministry of Women’s Affairs, but it also lacks the resources to address issues such as violence against women and harassment in the workplace.

A number of political figures such as Michele Pierre-Louis, Haiti's second female Prime Minister, have adopted a determined agenda in order to fight inequalities and persecutions against women.

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