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Beijing Great Wall Map Badaling Great Wall Tour Shixiaguan Great Wall Juyongguan Great Wall Tour Huanghuacheng Great Wall Tour Jiankou Great Wall Tour Mutianyu Great Wall Tour Gubeikou Great Wall Tour Jinshanling Great Wall Tour Simatai Great Wall Tour Dear Ms.

Liang, Our guided tour of Beijing finishes today and my husband and I wish to thank Barrin, our Beijing tour guide, our Beijing driver and your company for what has been the most memorable holiday that we have ever had. D) did nothing about the building of the Great Wall since they were "barbarians" against whom the Great Wall of China had been built.

They will offer you the quick and safe limo service.

Great Wall Bus Tours - Our open group sightseeing tours of Beijing are a great way of traveling Beijing including excursions to the different sections of the Great Wall around Beijing.

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Our driver took us through the heavy Beijing traffic every day and got us to our various places safely. The official survey shows the Great Wall now totals 21196 km long with the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty ( 1368A. These 8 sections of the Great Wall is tamed, renovated or half restored, and some parts are still left wild and original.

We offer a full range of Great Wall travel service including Great Wall Sightseeing (1-2 hour walk on the wall), Great Wall Hike (4-5 hour hike), Great Wall Camping and even Flying over the Great Wall by helicopter and more. Great Wall Sightseeing (Moderate) 1-2 hour walk on the Great Wall, suitable for sightseeing tourists who only want to have a glimpse of the Wall and take some pictures, often coupled with other sights on a day trip.

Great Wall Hiking ( Strenuous ) 4-5 hour daily hike on the Great Wall, designed for travelers in good shape who are interested in feeling and touching the Great Wall,specially the wild and original sections of the Wall as a kind of unique experience.

If you visit the Great Wall for the first time, basically you need to plan ahead to know when to visit, which section to visit and how to visit.

You can either travel independently doing all the researching on your own or turn to a local travel agency such as Tour Beijing for arranging time-saving and hassle-free day trips to the Great Wall.

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