Abledating problem

But in this case we suffer from pure scammer hiding behind a company name. There are a lot of seemingly fake “positive” reviews of the company and the software which are undoubtedly created by the same person.

And the problem is that Dmitrii Rudakov – abledating owner still fools a lot of people because I see constant cry-away popping up on forums.

A great advantage is the ability to add our own features to the open source software.

We have now employed a team of programmers to add all our special requirements and it is going really well.

I’m sure that the number of complaints is bigger because not all customers file complaints against this company due to different reasons. Last known address: Zelenaya, 4 g Vladimira Vladimirskaya oblast, 600013 Russia Tel.

I’m pretty sure that we can find a solution and share useful information on how to get refunds and solve our problems with Abledating together. 007.909909541 If you know that person and know how to contact Russian Police Department and file a complaint there please contact me.

Along the way, we have had a fantastic support from the Support Team, always responding in less than 24 hours.

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Company ID=100058710 12 complaints and some of them are unanswered yet. Dmitrii Rudakov – owner of scam, and other SCAM web sites.There are a lot of sources where you may find that Able Dating Scam for example here This source is for Abledating customers who were ripped-off by Abledating and ABK-soft I know that there are a lot of other examples where Abledating customers were scammed I will look for and post them here.Here is the official BBB report: “Abk-Soft LTD rating is F.Here is a section where I will post abledating rip-off cases check into it. Let’s stop Dmitrii Rudakov and his Abledating Russian Scam!I hope that this source will be useful for everyone.

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